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When: October 25, 201410636197_962324237114668_1238497866092082158_n

Where: North Atalanta Dance Theatre

All Proceeds Benefit the North Atlanta Contemporary Ensemble and Bash Dimpleton

SCC Presents, Event Producer
Off Centered, Costumes
Kari Pierce, Photography

North Atlanta Contemporary Ensemble hosted a fundraiser to benefit the non-profit dance company and Bash Dimpleton! Guests were greeted by our Headles Huntsman Kristina and Tony from Off-Centered, the “Trunk or Treat” outside, sale of baked goods and art from Bash! The Haunted House of “Mr.Gorham” was a huge success and the fabulous dancers of NACE performed “Thriller” (staged by Artistic Director Ellen D’hemecourt) with Mallory Kalajian several times throughout the evening for all guests!

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